Photographer Snaps These Intimate Photos Only To Prove That Our Imperfections Are Beautiful


After welcoming her second child, Neely Ker-Fox, a US photographer based in Georgia, struggled with embracing her postpartum body. Hence, for her latest project, Perfect Imperfections, she decided to take pictures of "imperfections" to prove to us all — and to herself — that they are, in fact, beautiful.  

As Ker-Fox told A Plus, this project is about much more than just motherhood — it's about self love and acceptance whether it's over physical scars or emotional scars, something that affects women of all ages.

"We as humans all have insecurities and we are all scarred, imperfect and flawed in some way physically and emotionally," Ker-Fox writes on her website. "Standing on the other side of this first endeavor into this project, I'm convinced people of all ages, genders, and races, people with differing reasons for struggling to find acceptance of their body image, could benefit from this."

Scroll down to see Ker-Fox's work.

Kacie C.

"I've always struggled to accept my flaws, but after giving birth to my daughters, those flaws seem more like beautiful marks of our journey together," Kacie C. explained. "I hope that my daughters look back on this and know to judge themselves based on who they are, and not what anyone says or thinks about them."

Kendall B.

As Ker-Fox told A Plus, Kendall, who was born with spina brifida, was one of the favorite models she shot for the project. 

"This project has given us the opportunity to share with others that she is beautiful and her disability doesn't define her," Kendall's mom was quoted saying on the Ker-Fox's website. "I pray that when Kendall is older and struggling with being different she will look back at these photos and gain strength to continue to be who God created her to be."

Casey G.

Roslyn B.

"I have struggled with body image basically since puberty. After leaving the shoot I had a sense of confidence I've never experienced before," Roslyn B. was quoted. "I called my husband on my way home, and was telling how awesome the shoot was, and how great I felt."

Rachel M.

"One day, my babies will be grown [...], but I will always have these photos to remind me of the miracle of the two lives that I was able to carry," Rachel M. explained. "I will have these images to share with other women that imperfections can be beautiful, no matter what society says."

Taylor W.

" [...] This is something that I hope will have an impact on my daughter and her own body image for years to come," Taylor W. was quoted saying.

Ashley O.

"Once I got pregnant, I was sure I would have no problem getting back to pre-pregnancy weight…which hasn't been the case," Ashley O. stated. "But my life is full. I have the sweetest little chunk who fills my heart. I have a partner who is supportive and loving. I work. I play. And I am loving life without obsessing about being a size 6 one month postpartum."

Way to go, ladies! So inspiring.

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