This Guy Thought His Kind Act For Pokemon Go Players Went Unnoticed — Until The Next Morning

More than just a cooler.

With Pokemon Go fever sweeping the nation, the deed of a good Samaritan resulted in an unexpected kind gesture.

Last week, Nate Beaird of Iowa wanted to make sure that Pokemon Go players could stay safe and quench their thirst in the midst of a heat advisory for the Des Moines area. So Beaird, the digital communication manager at Open Bible Churches, left a cooler full of water bottles outside of the church's campus.

"Have a free water and happy hunting," the note on the cooler read.

The following day, Beaird generously put the cooler next to a bus stop. 

"About 45 minutes after I put it up, somebody called me and said 'was that your ice cooler out there by the bus stop?' I said 'yeah' and they said 'well somebody just loaded it up in their truck and took it,'" Beaird told local Des Moines television station WHO-DT.

The morning after the theft of the cooler, Beaird received a pleasant surprise when he discovered that an anonymous person kindly donated a cooler and drinks at the church.

"Sorry to hear about your cooler incident," a note on the cooler read. "I wanted to return your initial kind gesture with another one. Enjoy this new cooler and water."

Eventually, Beaird's story spread throughout the community.

"I just ran into a guy at a gas station who saw the cooler story on the news last night," Beaird wrote on Facebook. "He saw the large bag of ice in my hand and told the cashier he was paying for it. Thank you for [your] kindness, Sir, cold drinks are on you today!"

Beaird set the cooler next to the bus stop again, but this time he tied it to the bench.

Beaird said that he was thankful that his kind act allowed other people to show love as well.

"If we always let the response [to] our act of kindness dictate our [act's] kindness, then we'd probably stop being kind very quickly," Beaird wrote to A Plus. "People will always let us down at some point.  But if we just have a mindset of, you know what, I'm gonna love people no matter what, then other acts of kindness and love can be sparked from that."

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