Mom Absolutely Nails This Hilarious Impersonation Of Her Daughter Coming Out Of The Closet

"Is that the announcement?"

The moment you decide to come out to your parents can be pretty terrifying. But that just doesn't seemed to be the case if your mother is anything like 22-year old Bri's mom.

In a video uploaded to Tumblr by Bri herself, her hilarious mom reenacts the moment when she came out to her. And it's everything we ever wanted. Hands down.

"Is that the announcement?" Says Bri's mom in the video while opening the door. "Because for us it was like, 'Are you coming out? Not yet? Ok.'"

She then closes the door only to knock on it seconds later.

"Every now and then... [knock knock knock] 'Are you ready? Oh ok. Well, let us know when you come out, ok? Oh you made an announcement? Oh ok. Cause it wasn't locked.'"

If this is not the most perfect (and hella hilarious) reaction ever, we don't know what is.

Watch the entire video below.

"She's a minister, everyone," Bri writes on her Tumblr. "Religion shouldn't involve hate."


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