Here's How Workout Clothes And Equipment Have Changed Over The Past 100 Years

How did anyone workout in 1910 with that outfit?

YouTube channel MODE is known for their 100 Years of Fashion series, showing various trends over the years. Previously, they've produced videos taking us back in time to see how fashion evolved in lingerie, Halloween costumes, and men's styles. Now, they're back with a new installment to give us a look at how fitness gear has changed in the past century. 

You'll be shocked to see that women in the 1910s wore full maxi skirts, button down blouses, and boots to get their sweat on. Sports bras and spandex reigned during the 2000s, but nowadays yoga pants and transitional tops dominate the gym. 

Each look is paired with popular workout equipment from that decade, which is pretty cool to see. We've definitely come a long way. 

Here are some of our favorite styles:





(H/T: Elle