This Mini Bob Marley Is The Coolest Kid On The Toddler Scene

A winning tribute.

His dreadlocks are about as long as he is tall, but that doesn't stop 2-year-old Myles Kingston-Sadler from emulating the Bob Marley he was born to be.

Myles' exclusive home performance, complete with a microphone and guitar fit for a toddler, features full vocals to Marley's hit song, "Get Up, Stand Up," as well as the most adorable dance movies. Altogether, it makes for one dedicated performance from Marley's biggest pint-sized fan. 

The popular video has reached over 600,000 viewers so far, and, since its December posting, Myles has posted even more superstar performances, including Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" and "jam session with daddy" (featuring Bob Marley background music in the background, of course).  

"[Myles' parents] are Jamaican, Cuban and Haitian, and have raised their little Rastaman to love reggae music," according to ABC NEWS. And it's definitely working. 

At this rate, we're predicting a Myles Kingston-Sadler concert tour in the future?

For more from Myles, be sure to check out all of his latest videos on his Instagram.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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