The Reason This 'Millionaire' Wakes Up Early Every Morning Is Too Beautiful

His pockets may be full, but so is his heart.

A YouTube video posted by a University of Bahrain student filmmaker named Omar shows him waking up at dawn to meet Yo, a man he calls the "millionaire garbage man."

"The person you see in front of you is a millionaire investor who came to Bahrain, who wakes up every morning to clean," Omar says in between clips of Yo greeting the group that has gathered to meet him and readying his bags to clear the surrounding sands of litter.

He explains that every day for 11 years Yo has risen early to pick up trash and sort recyclables - despite his high profile job and all the creature comforts that come with it.

Yo's story - one that Omar describes as "neither perfect or imaginary" - is undeniably incredible. In the days since he posted his video, it's accrued over 600,000 views.

"I was wondering, how many [of] Mr. Yo do we need keep our world clean?" Omar says at the end of the video when he returns to his car. "But then I realized, if each one of us picked up the trash in front of them, we'll not need the likes of Mr. Yo. We all would be Mr. Yo."

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H/T Elite Daily

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