Middle School Student Can’t Wear Her Stunning Dress To Dance Due To Sexist Dress Code

“They’re just shoulders. Everyone has them.”

When you are in junior high, dances are everything.

That is perhaps why a group of girls from Mason Middle School in Tacoma, Washington are upset this week because of a dress code for an upcoming dance. While the students are required to wear uniforms during the school day, a group of girls feel that the guidelines for the dance are sexist and unfairly target the girls.

The school's rules state that the girls must keep their shoulders covered, with requirements for the length of the dress as well. If they decide to not to wear a dress at all, they have to be wearing dress pants.

What about the boys? Well, they actually don't have any guidelines directed at them at all. While the girls have nearly every aspect of their outfits decided for them, their male classmates could theoretically show up to the dance in their pajamas and still be abiding by the rules.

Rather than blindly abide by a rule they feel is unfair or whine to their parents to do something, these girls decided to take matters into their own hands.

They have started an online petition on Change.org that, at the time of this writing, has collected over 1,990 signatures. 

The girls point out that not only is demeaning to tell girls that their shoulders are too distracting, they believe it is also offensive to their male friends.

"This dress code is policing girls clothing so as not to be distracting to boys.  Instead of shaming girls into covering up, we should teach boys to be gentlemen and respect girls," the young ladies wrote in their petition.

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