This Woman Started 100 Days W/O Fear Challenge To Make Sure She Was Not Missing Out On Life

"Face the fear first, freak out later."

Meet Michelle Poler.

Michelle, originally from Venezuela, is currently pursuing a master's degree in branding at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Not only that. She's also putting herself through a pretty exciting challenge — facing her fears one by one, 100 days in a row.

As Michelle explained to A Plus, for one of her classes, she had to write an essay about her perfect life 10 years from now.

"After doing lots of deep digging, I realized that fear was the only thing between me and my picture perfect lifestyle," she told A Plus. "I realized I was living a controlled life and I wasn't getting the satisfaction I was looking for."

And that's how the idea for her "100 Days Without Fear" project was born. 

The concept is simple. Each day Michelle does one thing that scares her and documents that on the project's website.

"I've learned so many things, things about myself and about human behavior," Michelle told A Plus. "I learned how to transform a fear into a challenge which has helped a lot. I learned to face fears with excitement instead of horror. [...] I learned that when I'm alone, I'm actually not alone, I'm with myself. I learned that facing my fears inspire other to face their own fears and that gave so much more meaning to my project."

Scroll down to see which fears Michelle has faced already. Also — way to go, lady!

Day 4. Getting her ears pierced.

"I believe that the fear of pain has been more painful than pain itself," Michelle writes on her project's website. "Living trying to avoid pain at all costs hasn't been easy. Not only do I miss out on so many experiences but I waste so much time thinking about the ones I can't avoid like a dentist visit, a blood test or a vaccine."

Day 8. First time smoking "anything."

"I like being in control (a lot), and that's why I avoid drugs and alcohol," she explains. "It was my first time smoking anything. I didn't even know how to do it. [...] I was excited to finally 'chill' for once in my life, to stop worrying and micromanaging. I guess we are not meant to be, so I'm trying meditation next time."

15. Getting a Brazilian bikini wax for the first time.

"[Olga] was the funniest lady I've met and she was super excited about me recording the whole thing and doing my project about fear," Michelle explains on her site. "She told me it wasn't going to hurt, but it did! Looks like she's been reading my blog because she told me that my pain was coming from my fear, not from the wax."

Day 19. Riding a mechanical bull.

"Normally I would've never done something like this. Riding a mechanical bull seemed somewhat dangerous and hard to. Since I started this project I'm willing to do many more things and I even have a positive attitude about it."

Some untapped talents right there, Michelle! 

Day 21. Dying her hair ombré.

"I'm generally afraid of change," she writes. "I was afraid of changing my color so drastically and going blonde but [the stylist] made it work! I love my new hair... next time, pink! [...] #babysteps."

Check out the recap of the first month of the challenge below.

"The world is filled with wonderful things, and scary people are missing out on so many of them," Michelle told A Plus.

We couldn't agree more. Now, let's go face our fears.

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