If Social Media Sites Were Men, They'd Look Like This

So stylish!

What attracts you to social media websites? 

Is it their function? The fact that everyone else is using them? Or is it their aesthetic? 

For most, it's a combination of things, but pretty much everyone can spot the carefully color-schemed logos a mile away. 

So what if media sites looked like people. Would you still be able to recognize them? 

LA-based photographer Viktorija Pashuta decided to find out in her photo series picturing famous media brands as fashion models. 

It's amazing how closely the men resemble the logo. 

See for yourself:  



This guys perfectly encapsulates Twitter as he runs off to catch the latest trend.


Facebook just made tech nerd-chic an official style. 


Take a picture. It'll last longer. 


Ask him a question. He knows everything. 


We wish we had a photo of this man in every filter. 


We endorse this outfit. 


Despite looking like an imaginary friend, this guy pulls of the Pinterest look surprisingly well.


He just got done listening to a Bright Eyes album. How very "Tumblr" of him. 

To see more of Viktorija Pashuta's photography, check out her Facebook page. 

(H/T Esquire)

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