Artist X-Rays Our Favorite Characters And It's Insanely Amusing

Is that a belly button ring?

What would happen if we took a closer look at some of history's most storied figures and characters? And what if we did it with an X-ray?

That's exactly what Matthew Cox, an artist based in Philadelphia, set out to do. By embroidering medical X-rays, he depicts what radiographs of famous people -- real and imagined -- might look like.

We bet you won't see some of these piercings coming.

"Bluto With Nipple Piercing"

Snow White

"Warrior #2"

Miss Piggy

"Benjamin Franklin With Bunny Necklace"

David Bowie

"Olive Oyl With Belly Button Ring"



The butterfly in Nancy's stomach might be our favorite. Which one is yours?

To check out more of Matthew's work, head straight to his website.

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