Massive Explosion Happens In Russia's Sky

What the heck was that?

A massive burst of light in the Russian sky stirred some attention on the Internet today.

In a dash cam video uploaded to YouTube, a large orange, yellow and red fireball seems to explode in the sky. Speculation about what this explosion of light was included everything from bomb testing to the actual video being fake. But one redditor, who identified himself as an astronomer, seemed to have the most legitimate answer:

Astronomer here! Probably too late for the party on this one, but this just looks like a particularly bright fireball meteor. These are actually not as rare as you would think- NASA has a network in the USA to look for them, for example.Specifically, if I had to bet, today is the peak of the Leonid meteor shower. The Leonids are a strange beast of a shower whereby some years you get storms that produce thousands of meteors due to particularly dense debris, some years are years were nothing happens out of the ordinary. This was supposed to be one of the ordinary years (~10/hour from that- you get one meteor a minute just from normal debris) but that doesn't mean you can have larger chunks as part of that 10/hour.

Check out the video yourself and let us know if you have a more plausible guess on what this is.

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