Marriott, Netflix Partner To Allow Guests To Stream Straight To Room TVs

Now you can multitask to your heart's content.

Netflix has been taking over every screen we look at for a while now β€” laptops, smartphones, tablets, TVs, you name it. So it's no surprise that the act of streaming TV shows or movies has become synonymous with the company's name. This fact definitely isn't lost on the powers that be at Marriott, who is partnering with Netflix to bring the service directly to its rooms' Internet-enabled TVs.

After researching how guests behaved in its rooms over the last few years, Marriott realized they were becoming less and less interested in paying for the video-on-demand content that came standard on its TVs. More and more, those staying at their hotels were bringing their own arsenal of smartphones, laptops, tablets and what have you that allow for a wide range of easily accessible entertainment. 

Through testing, the company found that over a quarter of guests logged onto apps temporarily incorporated into some of its TVs, with the landslide majority using Netflix above apps like Hulu and YouTube. And thus an opportunity for a mutually beneficial partnership was born.

The service has started to roll out in hotels all over the country, including its New York East Side and San Jose locations. By 2016, Marriott expects to have Netflix baked into every TV across all 300 of its U.S. locations. It's the first hotel chain to embark on such a union and Michael Dail, vice president for global brand marketing at Marriott International, thinks it'll soon become a trend.

"We fully expect this to be standard in the hotel industry very soon," he said. "And we wanted to be ahead of the curve."

So if you're a consumer, who they say always wins, get ready to miss out on key highlights of your upcoming business trips and vacations β€” you'll be too busy glued to your TV screen to leave.

(H/T: Fast Company)