He Steals Your Instagram Photos, But Then He Makes Art Out Of Them

Creativity 2.0.

Each photo on Instagram has a story behind it. But what if you could reinvent every single one of them? That's exactly what Lucas Levitan, a Brazilian artist based in London, does.

Every day Levitan goes hunting for a new photo someone uploaded on Instagram and then adds his own creative touch by drawing a cartoon on it. Suddenly, all the photos have completely new stories to tell.

Scroll down to see the outcome. We have our front-runner. Which one is yours?

"Don't look."

Lights off.

Pump it up!


"You reckon my toe looks weird?"

Yoga all the way.


"Are you waiting to use the chimney, sir?"


Shaping the city.


"Ain't looking."

Miles to sew.

Turning a bridge into a harp.

Someone is not happy.

Sneaking up from behind.

Playing rooftops.

Freshly squeezed.

Yorkshire terrier goes bull.

"Good job, Batman"


"Wanna fight?"


It's a trap.



Having a grand old time.

If you liked Levitan's art as much as we did, start following him on Instagram for your daily dose of cartoons. You never know, he might borrow one of your photos. You can also check Untold Stories behind these cartoons on his website.

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