This Photo Series Will Show You What India Really Looks Like In Hopes Of Making A Difference

Eye opening.

Recently, we shared a photo series that humorously showed what getting those "perfect" Instagram photos is like. 

While that photo series poked fun at how the photos we share on social media, Limitless, a Singapore-based tech company, used this idea to highlight a very important issue. 

"Broken India," a Facebook album they uploaded earlier this week, is filled with photos that highlight the economic disparities between different regions in India. 

"While we have 5-star hotels on one side, we have slums on the other. While children are seen as the future of the country, they're also forced into child labor," the Limitless team told BuzzFeed India. "We really wanted to strike a raw nerve, because only when people realize the state of affairs and break out of their comfort zones, is when they can start to make a difference."

Check out the eye-opening photos below: 









(H/T: BuzzFeed

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