They Showed 'Art Experts' An Ikea Print And Asked For Their Opinion. Their 'Expert' Answers Are Hilarious.

"You don't buy this in a cheap store."

Art is complicated. We'll give you that. But its interpretation can be even more slippery.

After all, how do you distinguish a brilliant artist or a great piece of art from the rest? Vincent Van Gogh received almost no recognition while he was still alive, and today he's considered to be one of the most influential people in the history of art. 

Well, Boris, the host of LifeHunters, a Dutch online TV Channel, decided to put things to the test and see how much art lovers really know about art. It gets pretty hilarious.

The idea is simple.

Game on, experts. Give us your honest opinion on this Ikea print.

Some deep stuff right there.



Like Ikea cheap or...?

Watch the entire video below.

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