This New Lexus Is Made Entirely Of Something Totally Unexpected

So. Cool.

Car commercials are always talking about innovation, but this vehicle definitely takes the cake. 

This Lexus doesn't have an inch of sheet metal or plastic. In fact, nearly every part of this car is made of cardboard. 

That's right. The interior, the functioning doors and the wheels are made of cardboard. It took three months and a total of 1,700 sheets of individually shaped cardboard to create the Lexus Origami Car.

The Origami Car looks exactly like the car it was modeled after, the Lexus IS, aside from the materials used. It was "produced as a celebration of the human craftsmanship skills that go into every car Lexus makes," according to the Lexus blog

But can you actually drive it? 

Yes, you can. There's an electric motor attached to its steel and aluminum frame that allows it to fully function. 

We're probably not going to be purchasing a cardboard car anytime soon considering rain and snow are a thing, but with this and their hoverboard teaser, Lexus definitely has our attention. 

Check out photos of the car below:









Learn more about the Lexus Origami Car by watching this video:

(H/T: Elite Daily

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