Inspired By What Scares Him, Artist Creates Drawings That Push Through The Page


Jerameel Lu, also known as Leemarej, creates incredible 3D emboss effect drawings that look like they're extending out from the page.

The Philippines-based artist tells A Plus he found inspiration in his fears from childhood. "Back when I was a kid, I really [was] scared of those movies with ghosts trying to pull out of the wall, the carpet, the curtain and even skin." 

Thinking that he might not be the only one afraid of those things, he decided to draw them.

Though Leemarej grew up surrounded by art, he is a self-taught artist that discovered new techniques on his own.

"As long as I [can] remember, even before I went to preschool, drawing has been my habit," he says. 

"Engineer might have been my profession, but doing art is still my passion. I think that's the reason why I am doing this."

Leemarej hopes one day, he can leave behind his current job, and be free to follow his passion for art. 

"Maybe that was the reason why I have made some artworks that create the illusion of some images [appearing] to be pushing out of the page. Maybe those images are my passion, trapped by my situation, trying to get free."

And Leemarej has advice for other artists, too.

"If you're an amateur artist like me, try to live out your passion if ever possible. But if you really can't, still, find time. We artists must believe in our own saying that 'a drawing a day keeps the stress away.'"

Be sure to check out more images on Leemarej's website and Facebook.

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