This Meteorologist Was Asked To Put On A Sweater During Her Report For A Ridiculous Reason

We'd wager that the station has never gotten so many angry emails about a woman's arms before.

Liberté Chan, a meteorologist on KTLA, was presenting Saturday's weather forecast when a flood of emails started arriving in the Los Angeles news station's inbox. But they weren't about her report; viewers were apparently bothered enough by seeing Chan's bare arms on TV that they wrote in to the station about it. 

So when a co-worker's hand appeared on the screen handing Chan a grey sweater to cover up, it sparked outrage on the internet.

"What's going on?" she asked. "You want me to put this on? Why, because it's cold?"

"We're getting a lot of emails," her co-worker responded.

Many viewers got upset that KTLA made Chan put on the sweater. 

The controversy prompted Chan herself to address what happened. In a Facebook Live video after the incident, Chan and a co-worker are seen reading the emails out loud. 

"Liberté Chan's dress is totally inappropriate," one longtime viewer wrote. "Looks like she didn't make it home from her cocktail party last night." 

Chan handled it with aplomb, but justifiably wondered if any of the criticism was focused on her weather reporting. "I don't know why everyone's hating," she said. "I don't know what to tell you — it's a black dress... Nobody cares about what I'm saying on the green screen, but I would like some critiques [on that]."

Chan later wrote a blog post about what happened, and stressed that the station did not make her put on the cardigan.

"For the record, I was not ordered by KTLA to put on the sweater," she said. "I was simply playing along with my co-anchor's joke, and if you've ever watched the morning show, you know we poke fun at each other all the time... Since talking to my team, I want our viewers to know it was never our intention to offend anyone. We are friends on and off the air and if you watch our newscast, you know that."


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