Kids Perform A Startling Version Of An Old Nursery Rhyme And It Gets Real

Kids get real.

It's a tried and true favorite nursery rhyme for just about every generation. You don't get more classic than "Old MacDonald Had A Farm." It's been around since the early 1900's and encompasses everything we've come to think about farming and how food gets on our table. 

Advocacy group Only Organic has brought some "real talk" to what farming looks like today. A group of kids sing "Old MacDonald," incorporating modern farming technologies such as GMOs and pesticides into the lyrics. One line was changed to "a hormone here and a hormone there." 

During the performance, the kids are taken over by crop sprayers. 

Once the dust settles, the kids return to the stage to sing a song called "New MacDonald." The song highlights good farming practices such as free range chickens and chemical-free food. 

The idea is to bring attention to Only Organic's campaign "New Macdonald."

While many people want to eat organically, it can be expensive. Some people grow their own food in community gardens, while others buy less meat so they can spend more on organic vegetables. Here are some tips on how to eat more organic foods on a budget. 

When it's not possible to eat organic foods, people can choose fruits and vegetables with less chemicals. 

Here's a list of the "Clean 15."

(in order of least contamination)

Sweet Corn
Sweet peas
Sweet potatoes

See the thought-provoking (and kind of startling) performance.

Out of mouths of babes. 

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