When These Kids See A VCR For The First Time, Their Reactions Are Priceless

"New is new and old is... eh."

In TheFineBros' latest YouTube video, kids ages 12 and below react to VCRs and VHSs — technology made obsolete by DVD players and online streaming.

Naturally, hilarity ensues. 

"What the heck is that thing?" — Angelina, 9

First up, the kids react to the mere sight of the VCR player. While some of them know what it is, others are totally boggled.

"Is it a radio? Alarm clock? I give up, just tell me!" 10-year-old Krischelle says.

The kids explain that though they may recognize the VCR, their families just use a DVD player, Blu-ray, Netflix, an Xbox or another modern device to watch their favorite movies and shows.

"New is new and old is... eh." —Jaxon, 11

And then they're told that back in the day, people used to have to drive to the store to rent movies. 

"DRIVE?!" — Chloe, 10

That's right, and they learn that if the tapes are watched over and over, they just get more and more ruined.

"No offense to the creator of this but WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS?" says one kid in the video.

Check out the full video here:

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