Kids From Low-Income Families Chose Between Gifts For Themselves Or Their Parents. Their Responses Will Make You Weep.

Some of these families can't even afford a Christmas tree.

It's Christmas time and kids everywhere are looking forward to unwrapping the gifts they wrote down on their carefully curated wishlists. However, some kids may get more joy out of giving than receiving. 

In a video created by UpTV, children from the Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Clubs are asked about the toys they're hoping to unwrap. Eighty-three percent of these kids come from low-income families. Some of these families can't even afford to purchase a Christmas tree. 

The kids, who are between the ages of six and 10, answer with many of the things you'd expect — a big, giant Barbie house, an XBOX 360, Minecraft Legos. A computer. 

Then, they're asked to identify the thing they think their parents would want the most. They thought of gifts like jewelry, a television, and a coffeemaker. 

Much to their surprise, the children were presented with both the gift they wanted, and the one they thought their parents would want. The catch? They could only choose one to keep. 

Eighty percent of the kids chose their parents instead of themselves, according to UpTV. When asked why they chose their parents, they had beautifully touching responses. 

"Because Legos don't matter — your family matters," one child says. "Not Legos. Not toys. Your family. So, it's either family or Legos and I choose family."

"If I get a laptop, my mom will lose something," another child responds. "She helps me when I'm sick. She helps me with my homework." 

"I get gifts every year from my family, and my mom don't get anything," another says. 

The kids are given both presents in the end and are overwhelmed with feelings. 

So are we.  

(H/T: Popsugar


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