Comments By America's Greatest Internet Troll Are Exactly What You Need In Your Life

Ken M. lightens the mood.

Comment sections on the Internet have never really been known for their preponderance of tolerance, mutual understanding, and kindness. Thanks to this year's upcoming election, things seem worse than ever. It's amazing how quickly people will rush to judgement, dig their heels in, and presume the absolute worst about others that they've never even met before. The logic — if you want to call it that — is pretty simple: if you're convinced that you're right about something, then everyone who disagrees with you must be wrong. It's not a huge leap of self-righteous indignation, then, to believe that they're not only wrong, but immoral.

It's a problem. But when taken to the point of absurdity, it can be hilarious. 

Enter Ken M., a troll who brings an unexpected comical light to the Internet with intentionally obtuse comments that have people foaming at the mouth.

The genius of Ken M. is that his comments don't look out of place. We've gotten so used to seeing bizarre, misspelled claims that his comments fly right under people's bullshit detectors and immediately strike at the heart of the Internet rage machine.

Even companies fall prey to his subtle trolling.

So who is Ken M.?

According to UpVoted's Natasha Umer, Ken M. is one Kenneth McCarthy, a Florida native who works as a copywriter in New York City. In an interview with UpVoted, McCarthy revealed that "Ken M." was invented in 2011 as a way to vent his considerable frustrations about the ugliness he encountered when attempting to leave rational comments. "I was appalled by the Yahoo comment section," he told UpVoted. "It was such a toxic, shitty space." 

So McCarthy started trolling. "I wasn't that Internet savvy. I didn't even know what trolling was. I just started doing it," he described to UpVoted. "I thought, 'I wonder how idiotic I can be, but still be believable.' It turned into this weird exercise."

He was eventually offered a job by CollegeHumor to write comments as Ken M., but gave up the column in 2014, telling UpVoted that "The content started suffering. I started to imitate myself in a desperate way."

McCarthy hasn't left the Internet, however. Now he does Ken M. for the best of all reasons: for fun.

"What I do is turn a toxic space into a source of belly laughter, so it's not gross anymore," he explained to UpVoted. "That's what I do."

The world of the Internet is a slightly better place for it. Thanks, Ken M.

You can follow Ken M. on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. For the best of Ken M., as curated by Reddit, you can take a look here.

We hope he'll leave some comments.


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