Mom Who Lost Her 'Baby Girl' To A Heroin Overdose Bares All In Emotional Facebook Post

Everyone needs to read this.

A woman who lost her daughter to heroin is sharing her family's story with the entire world to "spread more awareness" about the dangers of addiction.

Twenty-three-year-old Kelsey Grace Endicott died on April 2 from an accidental heroin overdose after trying to recover from her addiction. Her family wrote a heartfelt obituary describing Kelsey's struggle.

"The disease of addiction is merciless. It is up to us to open our minds and hearts to those who are still sick and suffering," the obituary read.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heroin use has more than doubled among adults ages 18-25 in the past decade.

But Errico doesn't want her daughter to be "just another statistic," which is why she posted the emotional eulogy that she wrote for Kelsey's funeral on Facebook for the entire world to see. "We need to talk and educate the world about this epidemic," she explained.

"Her addiction told her she wasn't worthy or deserving," she wrote. "She turned to drugs to make her feel normal like everyone else. Heroin told her I can make you feel accepted, I can make you feel alright, I can make you feel worthy, I can make you feel normal, I can make you feel loved, I can make you feel nothing and make you feel like everything will be ok. What it didn't tell her was how it would devastate her family and tear it apart, how it would take her job and leave her penniless, how it would steal her son from her arms, how it would take her home, how it would take her sparkle, how it would take her smile, how it would take her humor and how it would take and take and take until it took her life."

More than 3,600 Facebook shares later, her post was picked up by television news. Errico's heartfelt message had made an impact.

"My plan worked and my baby girl may not be here physically but she is working miracles from Heaven and as her mother I couldn't be more proud," Errico wrote.


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