Yep, This Is A 'Newborn' Announcement For A 13-Year-Old Boy. Here's Why It Exists.


Better late than never.

Apparently, that's a motto that photographer and mom Kelli Higgins takes to heart. That's why she created a newborn birth announcement for her adopted son — who is 13. 

Higgins adopted Latrell when he was 10 years old and his sister Chayna was 5, after she and her husband received an email from their social worker asking if they would like to be Latrell and Chayna's parents. The couple already had 5 children, but after meeting the siblings, they knew they were the right fit.

Afterwards, Latrell started asking questions. 

"We were all sitting at the dining room table talking about an upcoming newborn shoot that I had when Latrell looked sad and stated he had never had newborn photos taken of him," she told A Plus in an email interview. "My daughter Ally, who was 12 at the time, felt bad for him and jokingly said, 'why don't you do them [now]?'"

So that's exactly what they did.

Higgins shared the image to her Kelli Higgins Photography Facebook page, where the photo has gotten over 5,000 shares and 16,000 likes.

Though Higgins has found having a viral photo to be a bit overwhelming, she's glad she now has a platform to talk about adopting older foster children, who make up a large percentage of foster children in the U.S and face hardships if they leave the system without having been adopted.

Adopting an older child can be tough, but as Kate McKee wrote for Adoptive Families (and reprinted in American Baby magazine): "We have had some behavior problems, anger outbursts, and nightmares. But we have also had plenty of laughter, love, and a growing trust."

Higgins is thankful that her photo can raise awareness. As for Latrell?

"He told me that it makes him feel special and loved, when he was asked if he was embarrassed by it he said, 'No! I can still be your baby even when I'm 30!'" 

(H/T: Peta Pixel)