Female Journalist Takes On Mansplainers Who Told Her Being Groped Was Akin To A 'Handshake'

Is there even a God above?

For many female journalists, online harassment often goes with the territory. Whether it's threats or bullying, women in media are overwhelmingly at the receiving end of such abuse, often from people who hide behind the luxury of the anonymity that the internet grants. 

Enter Gabrielle Jackson, an editor at The Guardian who wrote about the sexist attitudes she encountered the past week, including an anecdote — which, frankly, is too nice a word to use in this case — that involved a stranger groping her breast at a restaurant. To nobody's surprise, Jackson received an email from a man who attempted to mansplain her ear off about why she shouldn't feel offended by the incident.

Johnson's outraged Twitter followers expressed their disgust with the man's alleged comments. 

A not-so-friendly reminder that it's 2016 and women should not be dealing with this anymore, ever. 

Cover image via Shutterstock.com


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