J.K. Rowling's Tweet To The Westboro Baptist Church Is All Kinds Of Perfect

The WBC has nothing on the Harry Potter author.

J.K. Rowling is a cherished figure in society, having given us Harry Potter and his wondrous world of magic, but the English author is also hailed by many for her ardent support of marriage equality and LGBT rights. Just last week, for example, J.K. Rowling criticized the Westboro Baptist Church for tweeting a homophobic response to her celebrating Ireland legalizing same-sex marriage by popular vote.

The country's legalization of marriage equality was cause for celebration for many people, but evidently the Westboro Baptist Church — most infamously ridiculed for picketing soldiers' funerals and hateful anti-gay protests — was not pleased. 

Rowling first tweeted that the Irish vote was "extraordinary and wonderful." Later, she cheekily proposed that the wedding of Albus Dumbledore — one of the chief characters in the Harry Potter series, whom she confirmed is gay — could now marry the White Wizard, Gandalf, the patriarch-of-sorts in "Lord of the Rings," in Ireland. 

There have been rumors about Gandalf's sexual orientation — portrayed on the big screen by celebrated actor and gay rights activist Sir Ian McKellen — but they have never been confirmed.

The extremist Kansas-based organization then tweeted that if it did happen, they would be there to picket the wedding of two fictional characters (think about that for a second), prompting Rowling to call them out for their "tiny, bigoted minds." 

Rowling's cutting response was hailed by many of her supporters and was favorited 20,000 times. However, a few were upset that she responded at all, as they said it helped fuel the group's anti-gay agenda. 

Rowling then issued a rebuttal, saying it was important for those who have not come out about their sexual orientation to see that there are people standing up to anti-gay rhetoric. 

Good on you, Rowling.

[Cover image via Daniel Ogren/Flickr]