Julie Bowen Tries Identifying Her Kids By Feeling Their Faces On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

"Reluctant yes."

Mothers, could you identify your children just by feeling their faces? 

Jimmy Kimmel decided to test this theory with Modern Family star Julie Bowen during her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! To do so, Kimmel lined up six kids — three of which were Bowen's — and has Bowen feel their facial features while blindfolded.

Laughing, Bowen feels their hair, noses, and bone structures and gives a "reluctant yes" or "no" as each kid moves down the line. 

Bowen completes the challenge with only one wrong answer, passing on the kid she thought smelled too clean to be her own.

"Did you guys know that he wasn't your real brother?" Kimmel says, joking with Bowen's other two sons.

You won't want to miss the full video below:


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