With Two Weeks Until Election Day, James Franco Made His Feelings Extraordinarily Clear

In a knock off Dos Equis add, Franco says #ImWithHer

If anyone knows how to be interesting, it's James Franco.

The 38-year-old actor has made a name for himself by always finding new ways to be quirky and unique. On Wednesday, he flexed those creative muscles in a hilarious endorsement for Hillary Clinton on Instagram, calling her "the most interesting woman in the world," apparently inspired by the now-famous Dos Equis commercials about the most interesting man in the world.

"The smartest guy in the room is always her," Franco says. "After she opens a can of whoop-ass, she always recycles the can. Her secret service code name is 'Hermione,' because she's a fucking wizard. She's ... The Most Interesting Woman in the World."

Raising a Hillary mug beside a cardboard cut-out of Clinton, Franco gives his closing line:

"I don't always endorse candidates, but when I do... they're extraordinary."

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