It's National Burger Day Today, And We're ALL Celebrating


Oftentimes, the best holidays are the obscure ones that nobody in real life knows about, but somehow everyone on the Internet does. This Thursday, May 28, Americans celebrate the meal that best represents their culture around the globe. It's National Burger Day, a glorious dedication to the multi-layered fiesta that has come to symbolize everything American.

Not to be confused with National Cheeseburger Day β€” which is a whole other occasion on September 18 β€” National Burger Day is an all-inclusive day-long festivity, celebrating the fact that there is a burger out there for everyone, from voracious meat-lovers to hardcore vegans.

Paired with a side of fries, May 28 is the day to indulge in a solidly stacked burger, its contents spilling out the sides, for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. No other country has perfected the burger like America has, built larger than the human mouth is able to stretch.

It's no surprise, after all, that Americans consume about 50 billion burgers each year, which translates to three burgers per week for every person.

Many took to social media to wish others a happy #NationalBurgerDay, sharing recipes, cooking tips and favorite burger joints, and declaring their undisputed love for America's favorite meal. 

And if burgers just aren't your thing, there's always pizza. 

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