Model Iskra Lawrence Has A Message For Men Who Tell Her To Smile

"Let yourself feel those emotions because every emotion is validated."

When it comes to being told how to act in front of a camera, model Iskra Lawrence has a poignant message for those who try to control her — particularly men. 

When pressed about her first time on set, the body-positive role model told Seventeen magazine that she remembers feeling pressured to appear a certain way.

"I remember just being so stiff on set," Lawrence explains. "It takes a long, long time to get comfortable in front of the camera, especially at that age. I remember just trying to think breathe, don't smile, cause I remember when I started modeling, [agents] said I smile too much and I have to be moodier."

Seventeen notes that it's interesting that women face such a dichotomy about appearing serious and seductive versus friendly and smiley. Lawrence adds: 

"English workmen — you know, builders — would sometimes shout, 'cheer up, love,' or 'crack a smile,' and I'm like, OK, how dare you try to tell me to smile! Is it for you benefit? I should look smiley and therefore, attractive to you? Like it's such a weird concept to me. Some people have a resting bitch face. If I'm tired I could be making faces and I don't even know I'm doing. There's nothing wrong with having a bad day. Let yourself feel those emotions because every emotion is validated."

We commend Lawrence for continuing to speak out, promoting confidence and a woman's right to control the way she feels and acts in society. 

We couldn't agree more.

Check out the full interview with Seventeen here.

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