Kylie Jenner Is Using Her Instagram Popularity To Make A Difference


This week, Kylie Jenner is using her hugely popular Instagram account to do more than post glamorous photos of herself

She's launched an Instagram campaign called #IAmMoreThan, where she'll feature the inspiring stories of people who overcame bullying.

"For the next six days, I will be sharing stories of 6 incredible people who have become heroes in their own way by taking #bullying and turning it into something positive," Jenner wrote on Instagram. "I want to encourage you, my fans, to share something positive about yourselves." 

Jenner has more than 34 million followers on Instagram. 

The first story she shared came from 21-year-old Renee, who has a genetic disorder that affects the bones in her face. While she was nervous about what people would think of her in college, she found the strength to overcome her insecurities thanks to the positivity she saw all over Tumblr.

#Day1 - Renee DuShane (@ALittlePieceofInsane) a 21 year old college student who was born with #PfiefferSyndrome. Renee described it as “a genetic disorder where the bones in my face don’t really know how to fuse correctly so part of my jaw is really small. I had to have surgery when I was born so that my brain could grow.” Renee is so strong willed and a super intelligent girl who told me that while growing up she never had many issues with bullying. "I went to school with all the same kids all the way through high school. Right around senior year, I started getting very anxious about having to explain my condition to all of the new people I would meet in college. I started going on Tumblr and saw lots of profiles of positive, confident people” that inspired her to start sharing her photos even with her insecurities. “It’s so hard to keep myself from responding to the negative comments,” she told me. “Even harder is keeping my friends from getting angry.” It's so important to have a great group of friends. Renee also told me about the tattoo she recently got of her life motto: Stay Strong, Always Love. “Loving is always going to be a better place than hating,” she shared. Check out Renee’s Instagram @ALittlePieceofInsane - she’s showing the world #IAmMoreThan my forehead. I love you Renee! She is so awesome & inspiring. Renee taught ME that #IAmMoreThan the negative comments that I read.

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On day two, Kylie featured Erica, who recently became the first plus-sized model to grace the cover of "Fitness" magazine. The super-confident, body-positive model knows that she's more than the titles others give her.

The campaign has inspired other people to share their inspiring stories tagged with #IAmMoreThan. Here are some we'd like to share:

1. "#IAmMoreThan my own disability because I found my ability to dance on my wheelchair."

2. "If I can make peace with how I look, you can make peace with your insecurities."

3. "I have always risen above my circumstances and my leg has never stopped me from pursing my dreams. It may have slowed me down but never took my hope away."

Showing you where I was to where I came. I was hit by a van when I was 6 years old and almost lost my leg, at first I spent a year and half in the hospital, I had dressings everyday, surgeries every Friday and painful nights and days. I'm sure 95 percent of you don't know this because I've probably never shared this with anyone. People have seen and questioned and questioned and questioned and I eventually got fed up so I avoided confrontations - I just wore clothes that covered my leg. I couldn't in school because we had a uniform and of course I was bullied by some and called names, especially in primary school - Sometimes I was even excluded because of my leg, which is so stupid because accidents happen, scars shouldn't define a person. My scars are my proof of my strength. Many years later I have evolved, I have evolved into self love and acceptance, I wear what I want and I am happy with myself - truly. I have always risen above my circumstances and my leg has never stopped me from pursing my dreams, it may have slowed me down but never took my hope away. You don't know what I've been through but I have been and continue to be loved for being me, so when you see me smile don't be quick to judge just be happy for me because I'm definitely happy for you. #iammorethan my leg and #iammorethan what people chose to see. #mystory #mytestimony #inspiration #inspirechange #stronger #WeStandStrong #timeflies #takemeback #caraccident #grenada #caribbean #libra #instagram #history #unique

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4. "I learned slowly but surely that I am more than what I look like on the outside."

5. "I want people to know that, dreams do come true and to never give up on chasing those dreams."

6. "Now that I'm out of the closet it's still hard for some of my family to accept but I have friends that love me for being me."

7. "I am more than my depression!"


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