8 Hilarious Photos That Show What Women's Snapchats Are Really Saying

You know it's true.

We all know social media doesn't exactly tell the whole truth

We get to carefully curate what parts of ourselves our Instagram and Facebook followers get to see. For every one photo that's posted there are tons of failed photos, filters and backspaced captions. 

Blogger Holly Carpenter knows that Snapchat is no exception. Sure, we have to take selfies with the crappy front camera, but the cleavage and captions are never an accident. 

Carpenter created a playful photo series that exposes the Snapchats people are sending under the guise of something totally different. The caption may say one thing, but the photo itself is saying it all. And, most of the time, you're not fooling anyone. 

Here's what those snaps are really trying to say:









You can follow Carpenter on Instagram and Twitter for more hilarious photos. 

(H/T: PopSugar

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