Check Out What Real Life Disney Princesses Would Look Like Throughout History

They look even more beautiful.

Most Disney princesses are based on fairy tales that have been around for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of years.

These stories originate from all over the world, and so there would have been distinct cultural influences on the fashion that these girls wore. 

While Disney puts a great deal into making sure the settings of their films are symbolic of the story's origins, the fashions haven't always lined up as well as they could. BuzzFeed Videos has created "Historically Accurate Disney Princesses" in order to let us all know what we've been missing.

While most of the princesses dress more conservatively (with Pocahontas being an extremely notable exception) they all still look absolutely gorgeous.

Snow White

The original Disney princess would have worn a dress that covered her arms and neckline more, and the heavy fabric would have made running away from the Evil Queen that much more difficult.


The Disney version of Pocahontas may have rocked it in a short, leather dress, but real Powhatan women donned little more than a fur skirt and a lot of body paint. It's easy to see why this was changed for the film.


Belle would have had an ornate gold dress, but it would have had longer sleeves and a large wig would be worn as an accessory.

Check out their full descriptions of these princesses and a few more of their friends here:

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