17 Photos From Instagram That Match Hillary Clinton To Other Fashion Icons

"I felt there was room to have a different conversation about fashion and professional women."

Everyone knows Hillary Clinton loves a solidly tailored pantsuit, but she's certainly not the only celebrity rocking the sophisticated look. The genius Instagram account @hillarystreetstyle shows side-by-side comparisons of Clinton and other superstars wearing similar outfits. In the past few decades that she's been in the public eye, the Democratic presidential nominee has matched with fashion icons such as Anna Wintour, Cate Blanchett, Beyoncé, and Gigi Hadid. 

Pointing out the matching looks is of course fun and interesting, but it's also meant to open up a positive conversation surrounding women. "Given we have a woman on a major ticket for the first time, I felt there was room to have a different conversation about fashion and professional women," the creator of the account, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Vogue.  "Hillary was also a unique subject as she is one of the few women who we have seen evolve for over 20 years as she has served in so many different roles. I also think that as it became clear the election was going to focus more on Hillary as a woman and, as a result, might highlight some latent not-so-fun views on women, I wanted something that would allow me, personally, to counterbalance that and enjoy the election."

The account also helps to draw connections between women who may appear completely different. For example, it may seem Clinton and Kim Kardashian West would have little in common, but this account shows that, at the very least, fashion connects them. It's a great message for anyone who looks up to celebrity women as role models. Whether you dream of being CEO of a world renowned company, walking down the runway for a designer brand, or running for office, you can express yourself through powerful fashion choices.

Check out some looks from the Instagram below:


















(H/T: Vogue