Hillary Fever? This Pantsuit Tee From Her Campaign Website Will Cure What Ails You.

It's an article of official Hillary Clinton 2016 merchandise.

Who doesn't love pantsuits? Among the Washington D.C. power set, Hillary Clinton may well be among their biggest fans. Clinton launched her online campaign merchandise store on Monday and, cleverly playing on the well-worn joke, is the Hillary Clinton 2016 "Everyday Pantsuit Tee." It's exactly what it sounds like: A red t-shirt printed with the outline of a suit jacket and a string of pearls at the neckline. And at the back, the words "Pantsuit up!"

What the pantsuit tee ($30 a pop, pants not included) may lack in aesthetic value, it more than makes up for in wit. Clinton's predilection for pantsuits are well-known. The picture on Wikipedia's "pantsuit" page is of Clinton, and the former-Secretary of State has a history of making pantsuit jokes herself. At the Democratic National Convention in 2008, Clinton referred to her campaign staff as her "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits."

But the pantsuit tee could also be seen as a symbol of the fight for gender equality. In the 20th century, pantsuits were commonly derided as improperly masculine for women. They were banned on the U.S. Senate floor up until 1993, and only after two female senators wore pantsuits in defiance of the rule. 

Some 20 years on, Clinton, a powerful female politician, is the frontrunner of the 2016 presidential campaign. And her casual, convenient pantsuit tee could well be the most appropriate shirt of our time. 

[Cover image via HillaryClinton.com]