Ellen Gave Hillary Clinton's Debate Performance A Dance-Tastic Makeover

Clinton couldn't contain her laughter.

We all know how much Ellen DeGeneres loves dancing. So when Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton visited her show this week, she couldn't resist inserting a few sweet moves into Clinton's debate performance from Sunday night.

"Clearly the winner of the debate was the guy in the red sweater, Ken Bone," Ellen says. "And for some reason, no one is talking about this moment, but we have to show it."

The footage begins normally enough, with Clinton answering a voter's question. But then she suddenly sets down her microphone and starts dancing it out, with Ken Bone joining in. 

Clinton's real-time reaction is priceless. "That was the best dancing I've ever done," she says.

See the funny moment below:

Speaking of dancing, Clinton also addressed the now-famous shimmy she did during the first debate. "I didn't even know I was doing it," she admits.

She and Ellen went on to talk about Donald Trump's debate performance, as well as his recently uncovered comments about women. "Let's show some kindness and respect toward each other," she says, "and let's really repudiate the meanness, the divisiveness, the bigotry, the bullying we've seen from the other side."

See the rest of Clinton's appearance below:

(H/T: Just Jared)


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