12-Year-Old Writes A Song For His Crush — And Performs It On One Of The World's Biggest Stages

The sweetest.

12-year-old Henry Gallagher has a crush — big time.

Inspired by a girl he likes, Gallagher wrote a catchy, adorable song called "Lightening," and performed it for the judges on "Britain's Got Talent." 

And immediately, he won the hearts of everyone in the room.

But he says the girl back home probably doesn't even know the song is about her.

"It's about a girl that I would really like to be my girlfriend one day... [but] I don't think she even knows me," Gallagher explains. 

The lyrics are about the first time he saw her, and, hopefully, his performance will help make their connection real. 

I mean, come on. This has GOT to work:

Cause I've been struck by lightenin' lightnin' / And it's frightening frightening / I don't ever think I'll be the same again / You're my princess my girl / You're my interest my world / You mean everything, everything to me


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