No One Recognizes Henry Cavill Wearing Superman Shirt In The Middle Of Times Square

If you see Superman, say something.

Batman v Superman and Man of Steel star took to the streets of America's real-life Metropolis recently to show that Superman's dubious disguise of black-rimmed glasses is hardly necessary to avoid detection by the city's unsuspecting citizens.

He even went so far as to wear a Superman T-shirt.

While he stood under billboards for Batman v Superman.

In the middle of Times Square in New York City in broad daylight.

He posted the reactions — or rather, the lack of them — to his Instagram account.

Come on, New York. If you see something, say something.

In a St. Patrick's Day interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Cavill noted that the only two people who even spoke to him were a tourist looking for directions to Grand Central (come on, just walk down 42nd Street and keep the Chrysler Building in front of you) and, in true NYC fashion, someone yelling at him about not being allowed to take pictures.

"See, Supe, he hides in plain sight," Cavill concluded.

Watch the interview here:


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