While You Were Sleeping #HeelConcept Completely Took Over The Internet

The higher the heel, the better we feel.

If you ask most girls, they'll tell you that shoes are not about comfort, but about how they make you feel. As a general rule, the higher the heel, the better you feel. In case you haven't noticed, high heels have been all over Instagram lately, with DIY heels beating out all other fashion trends.

And here's why.

It all started when the Instagram user M.sty posted this photo with the caption #heelconcept.

M.sty, who describes himself as "meme mum," started the trend two months ago, after posting a bizarre composition of his bare foot and a little sculpture of a male figure, which looks like a heel.

As M.sty explained to I-D magazine, the idea of being a shoe designer really excites him.

"[I]t's almost like the shoe I designed was a hashtag," he said.

The Internet did the rest...

Yep. No need to rub your eyes. That's a DIY heel made out of donuts and a paper cup.

... and #heelconcept is an actual thing now.

People started getting really creative.

The more random objects you use, the better your DIY heel is.

Oh, that's very Chanel.

Workin' it.

Oh, Internet. Thank you.

Are you tempted to make create your own DIY heel yet? Because we are.

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