Watch What It Would Be Like If Harry Potter Characters Had Facebook


What would your Facebook feed look like if you were friends with Hermione Granger? 

In honor of the release of the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, YouTube channel The Warp Zone imagined what it would be like if the magical characters from Harry Potter had Facebook accounts. In its video, Hermione spends her time correcting people on social media, Harry Potter trolls Severus, and Voldemort, Lucious Malfoy, and Bellatrix take house sorting Facebook quizzes. 

The best part might just be when Dobby shows his intense love and affection toward Harry Potter. "Ooh! Harry potter! You are Dobby's bestest friend!" Dobby wrote once Harry accepted his friend request. "Dobby was surprised Harry Potter didn't send Dobby a request first, but Dobby knows how busy Harry Potter can get ..." 

Things escalate pretty quickly from there. 

Check it out in the video below:

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