Guy Thinks He's Texting Woman From Bar, Gets Her 'Hannibal'-Quoting Brother Instead

This is beautiful.

Some men simply don't know how to take a hint. Perhaps it's a defect in the frontal lobe where impulses and social cues are decoded and civilized behavior emerges. Perhaps it's the effect of too much alcohol and a culture that far too often champions mediocrity and enables boorishness in those who take pretentiousness and entitlement to levels approaching hubris. 

Whatever the cause, whatever the excuse, it's always delicious to see them get their comeuppance, rare as it is. 

That's what makes a recent post by Imgur user lucy2shoes so rewarding. It shows a creep who couldn't or wouldn't take a hint getting trolled in the most epic way by a member of society's last remaining vanguard against creeps: the elite corps known as Big Brothers, in this case, hers. 

As she writes in the original post on Imgur:

"Every now and again I come across men at bars who won't take no for an answer. Doesn't matter that I tell them I'm not interested, I have a boyfriend, we own a home together, I'm never leaving him, I just want to hang out with my friends, so on and so forth. After failed attempts to get rid of them, I usually can get them to leave me alone if I give them my number. So, I give them my big brother's."

"For this gentleman," she wrote, "my brother decided to only respond with Hannibal Lecter quotes."

Bear witness.

And so it begins...
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And again!
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Gentlemen: learn to take a hint.

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