These Might Be The Most Honest 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes For Moms

Just in time for Halloween.

When Suzanne Fleet, the writer and humorist behind Toulouse & Tonic, saw ridiculous Halloween costumes for moms online, she hatched a funny idea. Fleet, a mother of two and a New York Times best-selling co-author, created the satirical photo series "Sexy Halloween Costumes for Moms."

"Moms play so many roles, it was easy to come up with more costumes," Fleet told A Plus in an email. "I'm so happy to see the piece resonating with people out there, whether it's because they just think it's funny or whether they're seeing a deeper message."

Here are five "sexy" Halloween costumes for moms that are hilariously accurate and make a great point:


Jessica of Four Plus An Angel




Terri of TODAY Parents
Terri of TODAY Parents


Suzanne from Toulouse and Tonic
Suzanne from Toulouse and Tonic

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