Student Hits Lay-Up, Three-Pointer, Then Half-Court Shot, Cashes In $10K

The shot of a lifetime.

Just because you don't play basketball, doesn't mean you can't do something amazing on the court. 

Last October, Bryan College senior Gustavo Angel Tamayo proved that point when he hit a layup, a three-pointer and then a half-court shot to win $10,000 in tuition money. 

"I've never played basketball in my life," Tamayo told NBC News in October. 

With college basketball season coming to a close, the student's amazing shot is receiving some attention again as basketball fans soak up all the highlights from one of the best NCAA seasons in recent memory.

But Tamayo, who had a broken finger when he won the money, is more than just basketball: He's a fantastic reminder that the people you least expect to succeed against the odds are sometimes the ones who blow everyone away. Tamayo's peers and their overwhelming excitement are proof of that.

The shot:

Here is the shot from another angle: