Here Is Why You NEVER Throw Water On A Grease Fire

This might save your life one day.

In 2013 alone, American firefighters responded to over 1.2 million fires nationwide. Almost a third began in homes.

It's imperative for you to know what to do (and what NOT to do) in the event of a fire, so that you and your family can stay safe.

Surprisingly, some strong insight on home fires came from a Norwegian comedy TV show in 2011. The show, "Ikke gjør dette hjemme" (or "Don't Do This At Home"), showed what happens when you try to fight an oil fire with water in 2011.

When this clip was resurfaced on the content sharing website Reddit recently, users offered some great insight about how to handle fires, grease or oil fires in particular. Some people, out of ignorance, will try to put out a fire like this with water, which can prove deadly. So what do you do?

According to the Rocky Mountain Fire Department, these are the most important steps:

- Evacuate everyone from the building
- Do NOT use water!!!
- Turn off the burner
- Call 911
- Do NOT throw sugar or flour on it. "One cup create the explosive power of up to two sticks of dynamite."
- Cover the pot with a pan lid (a glass lid may explode from the heat)- Grease fires can be put out by baking soda, but it takes a lot. 
- A dry chemical fire extinguisher should also do the trick.
- Do NOT try to carry the fire outside. Grease can splatter out of the pan and cause serious burns.

If you're curious why water and grease fires are such a bad idea, you can read more here or just consult this video from "Don't Do This At Home."

And, uh, really. Don't do this at home.

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