Girl Proposes To Nurse After Waking Up From Anesthesia: 'I'll Be The Prettiest Bride'

Let's go to Vegas!

Back in April, a woman coming out of an anesthesia-induced state reacted to a "zombie apocalypse" in a such a way that made us cry from laughter.

Now, another video of a hospital patient reacting to anesthesia (above) is cracking us up even more. In the video, we see the young woman flirt and even propose to her nurse, Luke. 

"Luke, Luke I love you," she says with her eyes practically shut. "Luke, will you marry me? We can get married at the chapel in Las Vegas. I'll pick the prettiest wedding dress ever and I'll be the prettiest bride you ever saw in your entire life. And you can marry me!" 

And though she might not remember the experience whatsoever, we commend the nurse for being such a good sport through it all. 


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