This Girl Plots Candy-Related Crime With Her Mom And Absolutely Steals Our Hearts

Wolf in sheep's clothing?

We hope you're ready to for this, because you are about to meet the world's cutest thief. 

To be specific, she's actually a candy thief. And judging by the video below, she has some pretty serious skills. 

As the little one explains to her mom, she ate one lollipop and four — no, three —candies.

Uh-oh. Someone's going to get in a lot of trouble when her daddy finds out about her candy stealing adventures. Or so you'd think. 

This girl has a back-up plan and her mommy gets fully on board with it.

"Daddy is going to be mad," the girl whispers to her mom in the video with her mouth full of candy. " [But] not if there isn't any evidence. Put the box back, fast! Hide it, fast!"

You heard it, mom. Hide the evidence, quickly, before dad makes his way home.

Watch the entire crime unfold below.

Our hearts are officially stolen by this little thief. 

The original video was uploaded on Vimeo 7 years ago. But to be completely honest, hiding candy evidence is  so evergreen.

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