This Hyperrealistic Animation Of High-Diving Giraffes Will Have You Rubbing Your Eyes


If someone asked you to imagine high-diving giraffes, chances are you'd have a bit of a trouble. When you think of it, giraffes usually do not hang out at your local pool. Just the thought of it sounds really ridiculous.

Luckily for us, Nicolas Deveaux, a Paris-based 3D animator, created a short video featuring animated giraffes doing all sorts of tricks. And we're talking, Cirque du Soleil kind of stunts. These creatures look so realistic that we just can't stop rubbing our eyes.

"I pursue research in realism in computer generated images that leads me to questioning our relationship to photo realist pictures," explains Deveaux on his Vimeo page.

Whoa there, giraffes. You sure have some serious high-diving moves.


Watch the entire video below.

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