Moms Beware, This Is What Could Ensue When You Tell Your Kids To Send Out Their Own Christmas Cards

Wait until you see this year's.

When photographer and comedian John Cessna was told to make his own Christmas cards, he quickly obliged. But not without having a little fun.

Every year since 2008, when his mom told him to "sober up" and send his own  cards to family and friends, Michigan-based Cessna has created holiday cards that weren't quite what his mom had in mind. From the "passed out at the bar" card to the one that's "Fight Club"-themed, Cessna has turned the feel good, festive tradition into a hilariously inappropriate one.

And he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. "I'm going to try and do them every year!" he told A+ in an email. "Can't see any reason why I'd stop. If I get married and have kids, they'll just get folded into the tradition."

Luckily for mom, Cessna says she just may be getting used to the idea. "2014's card was the first year she said was 'genuinely funny,' but at this point I suspect she's hoping for a cut of my vast internet riches," he wrote.

Can't argue with that.








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