14 Hilarious, Crazy, And Wonderful Notes Found On College Campuses

From the passive-aggressive to a post-it friendship.

There's plenty of things that happen when you first go to college. There's the sudden exhilaration of being out on your own: two parts freedom, one part terror. There's the chance to meet and make new friends. And there's the steep learning curve of having to learn to live with complete strangers, whose habits will drive you insane.

Part of that curve is the art of communication. The ever-present note is a cornerstone of learning how to live in college. Sometimes it's a great tool. Other times, not so much. Here are some of the best notes - old and new - left for and by college students, gathered from posts on Reddit and Imgur.

1. We don't even KNOW this girl and we're worried.


2. And Richy, don't even TRY calling ahead.


3. Every little bit helps.


4. "Hate to be awkward neighbor" = something only an awkward neighbor says.


5. Jedi Council meeting at 9pm in lounge. Bring snacks.


6. U mad bro?


7. The struggle is 4 real.


8. B for design...


Incomplete for spelling. http://redd.it/omk4i

9. This isn't really about a vending machine, is it?


10. Won't need the "sleep schedule" if this is what's in there.


11. Don't troll the freshers.


12. And one person fell for it. (readers, please don't)


13. Co-sign.


14. It's almost a love story.


Is it a love story?

i.imgur.com i.imgur.com


Source(s) Redditors, past and present. Video: Christopher Gonzalez: YouTube. If you're interested in the post-it note story, read about it here.

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