14 Hilarious Prom Photos That'll Have You Chuckling In No Time

We really wish we'd thought of #7.

1. "They took forever."

2. "Please get me out of here."

3. Everyone was on their best behavior that night.

4. Protective dads are apparently a common theme at dances.

5. OK, everybody just calm down.

6. He's a well-balanced individual.

7. "I usually give my little brother a hard time. But i had to give his prom picture some credit."

8. His date looked a little, ahem, tart.

9. "My daughter's prom date doesn't know how to tie a tie. Luckily, my 8-year-old daughter does."

10. Maybe don't plan on having your pictures taken over bodies of water.

11. Taking "matching her dress" to a whole new level.

12. "Went with my (down syndrome) brother to his formal and being the character he is he put a whoopy cushion where i was to stand. Reaction:"

13. Doing it right.

14. "I didn't have a date to prom. That didn't stop the girls from inviting me into their picture though!"


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